• Client: Administration of Public Transport, Warsaw
  • Location: Lubelska street, Warsaw
  • Scope of works: permit and executive design of steel and membrane structure
  • Date: 2012

In the time before UEFA EURO 2012 the city of Warsaw rapidly developed its infrastructure. As the bus loop Dworzec Wschodni is situated in close proximity of both: the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station and the National Stadium, it allows people transfer from long distance trains, as well as commuter ones, to Warsaw’s scheduled bus in crucial point of transport network.

Whole area of loop is covered with a tensile roof structure, which form corresponds with the National Stadium. Structure consists of 5 membrane bays (14.2 x 47.6 m each), connected with valley cables and longitudinal trusses. Each valley cable is supported by two masts in its upper part, which makes a Y-shape connections over a circular fabric hole necessary.     

  • Acknowledgment: Many thanks to Przemek Macioch (Mehler Texnologies) for the photos.