• Client: Polish State Railways
  • Location: Wroclaw Main Station
  • Scope of works: design of the membrane roof, cutting pattern 
  • Date: 2011-2012

Restoration of historic Wroclaw Railway station has been completed just before Euro 2012 competition. Project was performed by Group 5 architects, who won competition organized by the city of Wroclaw in 2008. Winning project connected beautiful neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture with modern solutions.

Wroclaw (Breslau) railway station was built in years 1855-1877 as a main railway station, beside two other already existing stations. It was designed in English neo-Gothic Tudor style. In years 1899 – 1904, station was expanded and reconstructed. Neo-Gothic architecture of the main building was preserved, but the new main hall and four platforms was designed in Art Nouveau style. Now the main railway station needed next restoration and extension.

Historic style of existing buildings was maintained, new objects were deigned in a modern manner connecting glorious past with modern architecture. Among other new elements membrane roof was introduced to cover open space between two existing roofs. The open space was originally foreseen as a locomotives berth.

k2 engineering have prepared workshop design for membrane structure including cutting pattern of the membrane.