What do we excel in?


Lightweight structures


Construction stability


FE analysis


Membrane structures

Our philosophy

Nature is the first and the best teacher. Fine structure of the spider net is capable to resist wind and rain. Observation of the trees, rocks, bubble soap, water flow provides solutions for many engineering problems! We are also paying much attention to achievements of world's leading engineers, such as Otto Frei, Werner Sobek and designers from Schlaich Bergermann Und Partner. We admire structures like bus station ZOB in Hamburg, train station in Berlin or Polish Euro 2012 coverings (in designed which we partook) - they fascinate us, mobilising us to even greater effort.

Our credo values

Knowlage and expirence

Our company is specializing in lightweight structures. We have over 20 years’ experience of the designing of the mainly steel structures.

We are working with passion

Of course, we also learn from other brilliant engineers. Books of Frei Otto still provide many ideas, which today, due to technological development and new materials can be adopted. We highly admire structures of bus station ZOB Hamburg , roof over the Urban Loritzt Platz in Viena, the Sony center in Berlin or roofs over Euro 2012 stadiums in Poland. By last mentioned projects we had occasion to cooperate with German company Schlaich Bergermann und Partner.

Knowledge background

In our library we have gathered more book about stability of structures and lightweight structures, than many universities.


What do we use for computations?


Great advantage of SOFiSTiK is a possibility to parameterise model - which is a key to optimization.  SolidWorks is a 3D CAD software combined with FEA (Cosmos) software. Stress analysis of the most complex 3D elements, i.e. special connections elements is very easy. As an example the stresses in the ring cable connector are shown on the side.

Precise FE model supported by wide knowledge and experience is the guaranty of the reliability and efficiency of the design. We use the best engineering tools, which are SOFiSTiK (www.sofistik.de) and SolidWorks (www.solidworks.com). SOFiSTiK is strictly FEA software, very effective for complex spatial structures.

Kadzielnia cal

Among others analysis SOFiSTiK enables form finding analysis of the membrane structures, dynamic response analysis or time step analysis. The advantage of the SOFiSTiK software is the possibility of the parameterization of the model. The analysis of many different geometry in one time, is then possible.